Shift’n gears

21 10 2012

.Gonna leave the tub behind as I stated yesterday.  But I am not done apparently.

Voices in comments and over the phone and email are leading me to open up my shop elsewhere.   Hey, you move, leave the dirt behind, right?

Well that is exactly what I am going to do.   Leave it behind me.

go here for the new site book mark it as I will not come back here again.   this place has served its purpose.


Moniker, You can take over or close up shop behind you as you wish.   Let me know via mail what you decide,  I won’t lock you out.



4 responses

21 10 2012


22 10 2012

Posted on new site.

22 10 2012
Obvious Moniker

Honestly, I haven’t made up my mind. Most people come here to read your stuff, not mine. I’d prefer to respect your wishes, as I have no intention of turning this place into something wasn’t… Like the difference between 1940 Abercrombie and Fitch vice 2000 A&F.

Succeed or fail, I’d rather do it on my own terms. That said, can you give me some time to copy down my articles before consigning it all to the briny deep?

22 10 2012

Absolutely. I am leaving it up for some time, Like I said, just let me know via email what you want to do.

blast me, you know you want to.

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