26 01 2012

Been reading some of the posts of others today and I am seeing more division within ‘ranks’.   People that are, either not getting it, or still in denial of things to come.

I am never going to force someone to admit that things are worse than they are, right now, we still have it pretty good.    I talk sometimes about third world countries and the sights I, personally, witnessed there.   Yeah, here in the states, we have it pretty good.   Where even our poor tend to obese with multiple color televisions.

But that is all going to change with a quickness.   There is ZERO doubt in my mind about this.    I can’t say when or how, but I can see the writing on the wall with the new laws being enacted on a daily basis.   The simpleist example being the “choreboy rule” stating that ChoreBoy is now an NFA by F-troop rules.

How long before you have to have a license to purchase spray foam, or before a store won’t carry it for ‘liability reasons’?    Think about that.

Is this really the country that you were raised to respect?   The same country described in our National Anthem?   The same country that good hardworking men went to war and DIED to help achieve something better for the children they would never see again and the children only dreamed of?

Well, time for a wake up call.    THIS COUNTRY is not the country I was raised to believe in.   More specifically, this GOVERNMENT is 180 degrees out of sync with the ideas this country was founded upon.   This government is more aligned with that of Lenin and Marx than Jefferson and Madison.

This Government has made it abundantly clear to me (and others) that it means to RULE us as slaves and if we are not willing to comply, make us disappear.   The new NDAA makes that point in few words that really aren’t as illusory as they would like us to believe.  To boot, they are trying to enact other laws that formalize stripping nationally born people of their citizenship so that they can be treated as military combatants WITH NOTHING MORE THAN HEARSAY as evidence.

Again, I have to ask:  Is this really the country that you were raised to respect?   The same country described in our National Anthem?   The same country that good hardworking men went to war and DIED to help achieve something better for the children they would never see again and the children only dreamed of?

My answer?


No it isn’t.   Not even close.

This is the largest police state on the face of the planet to date.   A larger percentage of our population (in relation to other countries) resides in confinement due to laws that are “Victimless Crimes”.   Only, there are victims, those charged by those “Laws of men”.    And yet, there are real criminals walking the streets (or flying in the jets above) that get away with thefts that belittle the original budget of our foundling nation, and WALK FREE with accolades from those on high in D.C.

This trend is only going to grow, the nature of the beast demands it.    Power is never willingly relinquished, NEVER.    It has to be dragged down, kicking, screaming and biting the whole way.   The only way to do that is to be willing to think outside of the box, attack obliquely, and make quick exits.   The role of the guerrilla fighter at large.  We can say we don’t want to make targets of ourselves as an excuse, but really, what does it matter when the government (that is supposed to represent and protect our interests) is making targets of us for the mere fact that we exist? That we have an opinion that doesn’t match thieirs?  An attack on the government does not have to be at a human body to be effective.   It can be on an inanimate object and achieve similar or longer lasting effects.   Imagine if you will, instead of setting up an ambush point for LEO’s, a person instead attacks the vehicles they use to commit the crimes against the citizens.   Do you think for one instance, that they won’t start to question the why of it and put 2 and 2 together to figure out that “next time it could be that bullet to the brain pan”?

I harbor no illusions that there will be some that go on the offensive and raise the bar of evil.   I am fully aware that at some point, Martial Law is going to descend upon this country.      I am fully aware that, with every word I type, the target on my back gets a little bit bigger.





Either we start some shit and the stomp on us



We don’t start some shit and they stomp on us.


Well, doesn’t that sound nice.   Some choice huh?    Proactive and get kicked around or submit and get kicked around.    Really the only difference will be how long the second part comes around.   And personally, I don’t intend on waiting for that 3am door busting ceremony.

Gentleman, and ladies.   The time to decide is NOW.   The clock is ticking, and when the real decision making time is upon us, you won’t have the luxury of ‘thinking about it’ as we have now.    Nope, things are gonna get hot and heavy and the time for action will be there, not the time to pick and choose.    (then the choice will be made for you.)

But this is all fiction right?    Pure entertainment for us “Bitter Clingers”.

Think about it.   Decide now.    It is still a free country after all.    Right?



4 responses

26 01 2012

Great post! There are millions out there that feel just as you/we do. One can not sit idly by while evil destroys innocence and be considered a human. One of my favorite mottos is “Take some with you!”


26 01 2012

“The simpleist example being the “choreboy rule” stating that Choreboy is now and NFA by F-troop rules….Remember when one night around the fire a couple commented on not understanding some of the abbreviations used on the blogs…this is one of those times for me….I agree 100% on your post except that line…haven’t a clue of what that means….

shoot me and email with a list of the books you were reading in the post before this one….

Mark, send me an email address, Dio has mine

26 01 2012

Will do Brother!

26 01 2012
Craig Cavanaugh

Rusty, NFA= National Firearms Act. Choreboys are copper Brillo-like pads, basically. Great for scrubbing, and suppressor fill material. Therefore deemed “controlled” by the twerps shoving NFA “regulations” down our throats…

Dio, excellent post. For entertainment purposes only : )

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