Hittin it quick.

9 04 2014

Not a whole lot to say lately.  Been hitting the delete button far more often than the save.

Several of you have sent me mail, I fully intend on response, just been wrapped up in running water lines and the like.  Once I get a chance to breathe, I will get back to you in detail.

As for a bigger better post, hang on, one is coming.

More to come this weekend

Shift’n gears

21 10 2012

.Gonna leave the tub behind as I stated yesterday.  But I am not done apparently.

Voices in comments and over the phone and email are leading me to open up my shop elsewhere.   Hey, you move, leave the dirt behind, right?

Well that is exactly what I am going to do.   Leave it behind me.

go here for the new site book mark it as I will not come back here again.   this place has served its purpose.


Moniker, You can take over or close up shop behind you as you wish.   Let me know via mail what you decide,  I won’t lock you out.

Ah, now the light has been shown.

20 10 2012

I was going to do a set of links in this post, but to be honest, I am tired of the feces and urine in the air.   No poo-flinging from me, not today.

Nor in the future.

There are some that would like to lay claim that I would desire a position of command in relation to the Patcom movement, and I allow them that claim: again, I KNOW DIFFERENT as well as many that have met me in face to face.
I know ME and with whom I stand, I have never stated differently.   I leave it as a mental exercise to others to understand that statement.

I will not stand by those that would whittle away at something, simply due to their shallow egos being bruised by silence.

This is it for the Diogenes.  I am done.   I won’t be in the middle of the poo-flinging when we have so little time left to us.    I have sacrificed my own motives over the last 10 months, and yes, some of that was assisted by donations from others, but by no means ALL of it.    I appreciate the help that was given, but I DO NOT appreciate holding that fact over my head like Damocles sword.   Not cool, and not the actions of a compatriot.  The lights have shown on that person, and I would hope that others can see the facts for what they are.   Assistance should never be considered a leverage point, but I see that is exactly what one would use it as. So to those that will ‘advantage’ that source, beware.

While I choose ghosts and shadow warriors to parley with, I find that they are the ones that choose that route, not out of shame, but for protection from the flying monkey poo I have been witness to, and recipient of, of late.   They are not ‘Kool-aid’ drinkers by any means.

And Factions jockeying for ‘human resources’ is not far off the mark,  the real question is, do you exploit your resources or do you nurture them?  I know I would rather nurture and be nurtured, than exploited, and I try to reciprocate in kind.   Think about it, one of the things we are fighting against is the exploitation of our means by taxation: Correct?   Why would we want to shift out of the fire of one exploitation to that of another, with alternated agendas?   I know my answer, I would hope you know yours as well.

I know what my opinion is, and I see that the light would show exploitation in waiting, in many cases.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Vet your parties, vet your allies, vet your ‘resources’.   Choose wisely.

And please, if you ever feel the need to point your fingers, please, please, please, look closely at the three fingers pointing back at yourself before you open mouth.

All I can say at this point is that there are forces that are VERY GOOD at deducing common human traits and that every single one of us need to be aware that what we are seeing is simply illusion.  But an illusion that can kill you if not careful.

There are forces at work that understand us all too well and the outcome is per-destined in their minds. Our efforts are for naught, except to sustain us in a world that is rapidly becoming third world.  We can stand together or we can die alone, there is no other option to come.

Will there be the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’?

Will the economy tank out like we are suspecting, despite the best efforts of those in charge to prop it up and maintain the ‘everything is OK’ perspective through all of the media outlets?

Will our society, as a whole wake up and realize that, without them, our government is little more than an ideal and not “real”?

Take your best guess and prepare for the alternative, that is all any of us can do. I can’t wake up the masses, I can’t shake the illusions from their eyes. I can’t educate anyone that isn’t willing to open their eyes and see for themselves first.

And I won’t try any more.

To those that know me, you know that this is the last post I will be putting out there. We have three weeks until the (s)election cycle runs it’s course. In that time, the illusions will be painted on thick and heavy and even the most paranoid and cynical among us will be sucked in at some point or another. I know that I have been on at least one occasion but I started thinking hard about the whole picture and started questioning my own motives.

It’s called hope.

We hope that we don’t have to witness the inevitable.

Well, time to wake up to one fact against hope.


We have more than enough evidence of high treason amongst 535 ‘popular’ people. We have a media service that is more than complicit in that treason. We have a power structure that is willing to sell each and every one of us to the highest bidder on the world market.

And all we do is bitch amongst ourselves.

To those I have met and found to be of like mind, I wish you the best in your efforts. Maybe one day, on the other side of this mess, we can all meet again. Maybe, we will meet again before then, on the lines of struggle. Or you may even meet me in some underground R&D shop making toys for the lines. Only time will tell.

Until such time as that, May whatever power you call God hold you steady.

Via con Dios

Buena Suerte!

Dio out.

(The blog will stay up for others until such time as I feel it is time to pull it completely. )

bars and bolts

20 10 2012

Well, now that the fuedin’ is out of the way, and I apologize to my readers for that; we can move forward, or back to matters at hand.

Redneck engineerin at large.

Gander the pics, this is a work in progress so no, it ain’t purty, but it is damned well functional.


Funny thing is, While I was building it, I recalled that I had seen some hispanic friends in California doing something similar to one of their kids bikes back in the 90’s. They also had a shop with benches and vise’s where I have a section of ground under an awning next to my camper and have to fire up the Genny to run a cutoff wheel or the welder. I also don’t have access to a chrome setup so raw metal it is until I take it all back apart to clean and paint it. Not quite there yet, a little polish on some rough corners and then I will go that route. Granted, if I had a brick and mortar shop,,,,,

And please, no one give me grief for cutting up a ‘good bike’. I did enough of that already.

As is, it does smooth out the bumps some. That rigid rear end is just as jarring as it was. Well, when I get to installing that engine, I have a set of motorcycle shocks (actually off the front end of a four wheeler, but same thing) and I will make that rear end a swing arm setup. The cheaper route would be to spring load the seat like an old tractor but to be honest, I really don’t like that idea.

Maybe I should consider just building a full sized motorcycle instead. Might be easier than trying to mate all this stuff to a freshly designed frame where it can be accounted for, not adapted for.

Hmmm. Future thought. Not something I can really consider at this point due to my current working environment. (a welding table would be essential to jig up that frame.)

But if I go that route, I am going with something a whole hell of a lot bigger than 50cc. I miss having my big bikes, it has been some time. My last bike was a mid 80’s Virago 920 that was pieced together from 3 bikes (yes, a basket case.) Ran like a scalded dog and at full out throttle on the highway looked like I had afterburners going. I rode that bike through three years, including Ohio winters. Damned good bike. I shouldn’t have sold it under the reasons I did, but I did and I still miss it. Live and learn. Another bike I really miss is my old 650 special. That upright twin was a hell of a bike that got me through some rough times and kept me sane. It saw a lot miles and a lot foul weather and never balked. The only reason I sold it was a friend was in need and it was extra at that point as I had the Virago up and running. (for the record, I have had a Harley, and hated every minute of it. Just a personal preference, I prefer Yammy bikes.) The funnest bike I ever owned was a Suzuki rat bike that was transplanted into a rigid frame. A couple of header pipes terminated under the block for an exhaust, and it was kick started and had an internal generator, so no battery. That thing was hell on wheels and looked like it. I rode that thing all over Southern California for about a year before I moved on to something a tad more ‘sedate’. Kinda got tired of getting pulled over by every cop I passed, ‘just cuz’: And I knew it was simply due to that outlaw looking/sounding bike. (that was also about the time I fell in love with Fiat X-1/9’s, but that is a DIFFERENT story entirely. )

Yeah, building this little ‘cycle, is awakening several old muses within this worn out ol’ soul.

Well, who knows what the future holds for us at this point. I may not have far to look for something, or I may never have another one at all. Will see, and I won’t plan on either fact until we start seeing what our future holds.

That will be soon enough; soon enough I am certain.

and this is why I am happy

13 10 2012

In my lack of internet.

Read this first.  

Then read this.

I am not going to claim anything about either point.   Fact is, I have about 2 hours a week where I can actively do anything on the the nets now.


How much can one person put into the drivel that makes up the pushy shovey that comes within the Threeper movement of late?   Seriously people, how much can one person put up with when he is trying to make up for lost time while at the same time just trying to keep up.   Here it is, those posts came out last week sometime and I was only informed of them via an email from one of the others at Bill’s original Patcom.

Label me what you want, I could really care less.    I have respect for both Gentleman in their endeavors, but I can’t be involved in the caterwauling of the politically inclined.   In the words of Pickdog, “I have more important stuff to deal with”; Like LIVING!    My choices have led me where I am, and I have no bitch about it.  But I can’t spend the time on the nets like I did over the last few years.   I have land to find, I have my own gulch to build, and TIME IS SHORT!  Too short to spend hours at a time on windpissing.

Yeah, i am a bit peeved and I know that Sam didn’t direct his remarks at me in particular, but Bill,  That was cold, Stone cold.

Who do you stand by indeed?
Makes me wonder, when one is so ready to call the shots without realizing what is going on outside of that sphere they can see.




Aw crap, Dio found a new toy!

6 10 2012

Well, to say I have been sitting on my duff miserable about the last failure would be a lie. Nope, I had a windfall of an item into my lap. Funny thing was, it happened while directing traffic here in town while we were repairing a water main. New ideas are flowing out of my skull and sleep is being deprived due to an active imagination. My muse has been sparked.

This little gem is right up there with an idea I had a few years ago, but I could never get everything together. Hell, the key ingredient was so elusive that I gave up on it altogether. I didn’t have the means to make an engine from scratch (still don’t, not a gasoline engine anyway)

Well, this gem appeared from nowhere, and the frame was already in place, I managed to dig up a very complete service manual on it from the webs and know what I can do to make it light up. I did a bench test to make sure things were working correctly (they are) and did some probing with a meter to check outputs and continuity. This is perfect. (the tires were original and they are show very little wear so I don’t think it was abused) There were several pieces missing from the equation so I was able to get it for a song. Namely, the rear shocks, the seat, throttle cable (and part of the carb) and the tank.

I looked online and found a carb for $29! Sheesh, this thing just made itself viable for my little dream.


Well, I think pictures can express my ideas far better than my words, here’s ya go.

And yes, as you can see in the pics, I am working on building a springer front end for it. Getting older and those bumps in the road jar me enough without some cushioning between me and them. The pneumatic tires just aren’t enough. Now, how to make it a soft tail? (and that is in the process as well.)

Did the math: With the 26” wheels and the current gearing, this thing should do about 30mph on the open road. Yes, that is a three speed transmission on it. (no manual clutch but hey) and yes, I calculated in the final drive, primary drive, etc. I am being conservative with my estimates, using idle and 4500 as my window. I know that the engine is capable of higher revs, but that puts me right in the torque curve. It might be sluggish on take off, seeing how it is trying to leverage a 26” tire into motion, but I have seen these little motors in action before and they are pretty convincing in the power aspect. One need only watch a kiddie motocross race and see the honda 50’s rip off the starting line. I have no doubt it can do it.

In addition, this is a single wire ignition system using magnetos and points.  The simplicity of it is a marvel to some in our modern tightly computer controlled engines and fuel systems.   Reliable as hell and a breeze if something needs fixed.   How hard can it be to track down an issue when there is only ONE wire between all the different points in the system  LOL.

So what good will it be? We’re talking about a motorcycle similar in design to the original motorcycles around the birth of Harley-Davidson. When guys were slapping a motor on anything with two wheels and trying to ‘Go faster’. I doubt there are many that know about ‘board racing’ or the hippodromes that were popular around the turn of the century, but that is the premise behind what I am building. Nuthin fancy, but a kick in the butt to ride.

Sadly, the whole thing I am building is right in the middle of what Texas law defines as either a Moped or a Motorcycle. Leaving the peddle power on it won’t help any either as the motor has a transmission built into it. And ya know what? I could care less. Even if I never get it on a street, I will have fun with it and it could be a great way to save gas later when we are all paying $20/gal.

Now, I know some of you are going to have questions about the project: Like how do I plan on stopping it, what am I going to use for a fuel tank, how am I going to get that 37 tooth sprocket attached to the hub, etc etc. Well, Sorry, I have to have something to write about in the future; you are just going to have to keep coming back for updates on it. I have some answers on those questions now, but I am going to be elusive for a few about them. Lets just say that my skill sets as a fabricator are going to be put to use on some of those answers. Till then, be patient with me. I will try to document the processes with pictures as I can.

Nope, no resting in depression for me. Move forward onto the next project. Maybe I will find a way of using that prior rig for something else or even come up with some way of using it as originally intended. Not much need for worrying it into mush either. I know my mind will come up with something. Just let it stew for a while. I gots a motorcycle to build.

And Heinlein predicted the “Crazy Years”

3 10 2012

Like a critical patient in a ICU ward, “I’m feeling much better” and then WHOmmPFFF! Dead patient. We that have a few years under our belt have seen it a few times at least. And that is the impression I am getting from current things going on around. Seems that some areas are hot beds of growth and other areas are like terminal cancer, just continuing that growth of Entitlement and even making deals with other areas to back each other up while trying to put laws on the books to get the good areas to support the cancer.


I have said it and said it. This country has a terminal disease. Not critical, TERMINAL. We are not going to survive the needling and jabbing that is taking place within and without and the best we can hope for is to keep our identity intact. AMERICAN is not necessarily that identity either. TEXAN, OHIOAN, KENTUCKIAN. Think about it. The states really are the fall back position of the country, and they need to recognize that fact. Sadly, there are more than a few out there that feel that entitlement mentality as mentioned above.


And what I see, and some of the reasons I have been so quiet over the last couple months, is a country that is suffering not only signs of illusory good health (and it is NOT good, no matter the group receiving benefit from it) but also several signs of Mental Illness; Denial, Ego-centrism, pathological lying, etc etc. We have a media that is constantly spinning the polls for the benefit of their god-child. Despite the fact that a vast majority of this country are seeing through the facade and know the emperor has no clothes. It doesn’t take a Rocket Surgeon to see that we are indeed fucked come what will out of this election. Slow road to hell, or fast and the true nature of that road is further clouded by supposition of unknowns such as what could a narcissist do if the people decide he isn’t “the one”. We have all of this and the fires of an new Ottoman Empire starting up in the usual hotspots as well as some new ones, and yet again, Germany is on top of the game on the European Continent. (Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Germany, but history has shown some horrible precedent on their part. Lets hope that part of the score has changed this time ’round.)

Think about it. We have a catastrophic situation with our economy as well as the worlds’; the two are so intertwined that one goes, the other is going to follow fairly quickly without some serious amputation and pain. (yes, we could save our butts, but the excoriated will still have power and would likely be willing to play their cards in retribution)

We are in an election that is showing the incumbent as ‘indifferent’ showing , to me, that he either truly doesn’t care about the outcome (possible as he is young and may have decided that his goals are not going to be realized at this point) or that he is far more confident that the whole game is in the bag. (also possible) OR he really doesn’t care because no matter the outcome, whatever is going to take place is going to happen sometime before the swear in of the next prez, AND HE KNOWS ABOUT IT.

Conspiracy? I don’t want to take it that far. Conspiracies tend to fall apart from the inside, but what if , in this case, the only person that truly knows is the seated president, and the actual power of it is located in other countries, backing the failure of this country on a hedged bet?


33 days till the final bell. The (s)election cycle is in full swing. No matter who winds up “EARNING” the bells and whistles and all of the dirt and mayhem of that position, I think we will see the last call of the party that has been going on since 1913. Again, my statement to whomever wins this go-round. YOU ASKED FOR IT! You don’t get to say you INHERITED squat because you KNOW what you are asking for. Don’t even try to claim that you have to deal with others dirty laundry because you are now asking to pick it up. When you EARN that seat, all the dirt and germs and splooge stains on the carpet go right along with the title. Bitch about it all you want but those of us with at least 3 braincells whizzin’ about, KNOW that your bitching is petulant rantings of wannabe tyrants.


But I am not bitchin about it. Just placing out there some personal observatons to share. See, I have no hope that what we know is what we will have in a very short span of time. Those that have seen the writing on the wall, so to speak, are gathering up what they can and sticking it in safe places. This includes but is not exclusive to “Preppers”. The bankers are doing it, CEO’s are doing it, Heck, we even have certain members of congress that are openly prepping for the worst. Time is short, the years are long, and we have only ourselves to answer when we fail.

But what happens when the GROUP fails. Who is to blame then? Do you take it out on those that were placed into positions of power? Or do you spread the blame out amongst all? I know one answer and it is the answer that has been chosen time and again. Chances are it will again.

Keep that in mind those that choose the role of “leadership”, It’s a heavy burden when done properly, and a noose when screwed up.

I have my route chosen, I have my tools ready. I ain’t bitchin’ I am doing. No bucket list for me, not at this time. I will do what I have to and when its all said and done, Then I will bitch; right at the lid of my coffin, and it will care about as much as everyone else does.

Now, does that mean that I am going to go off on some wild adventure in the swampland of the Potomac?  Hell no!    I leave the hunt for  those that would chase the geese of winter or the elusive snipe.   When it all comes down, that den will empty of guilty parties faster than the deck chairs slid off the Titanic.  Nope, I will watch my towers and portucii from where I am.   Keep the filth from spreading into the areas I a reside.   Keep those nearby safe and try to educate the simple ones left behind without a clue.    I know for fact that I, as a single individual can do nothing on the greater scheme,  I can only persuade the locale where I am, and hope for the best.





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